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Vivienne DuBourdieu, MCIJ

Main Details

Full name Vivienne DuBourdieu, MCIJ
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Articles, features and reviews; book editing; radio & TV scripts; publicity; voiceovers.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing, Sub-editing, Photography, Radio
URL http://viviennedubourdieu.com; travlark.com, predi
Media outlets regularly worked for

Yoga Magazine, Yoga & Health Magazine, The Culinary Guide, Reviewed Online, The Art Journal, publisher of websites covering travel, reviews, health.

PR writing Contact me for more information
Last updated 05-12-2016 10:06


At present, I am busy publicising Predication 2012, a novel by Richard Barker that I helped develop and edit, and am covering it in Twitter (same name). I'll be busy on this until the end of January, which pre-supposes we are not facing the end of the world; at least not entirely.

Prior to this, I edited a novel about the dangerous world of private security and espionage; and a biography for a former RAF officer who suffered from dyslexia (as does Rich Barker).

Since I was 16, when I joined the NZBC as a trainee copywriter, I have written about art, fashion and complementary health. I now cover these subjects – amongst others - on my own websites.

These include: viviennedubourdieu.com, travlark.com, seafordsussex.blogspot.com, predication2012.com and some others I'm presently developing. They cover aspects of travel, health, food, the arts and satire.

From 2004-2011, I wrote articles, interviews, travel and health articles, subbed magazine inserts, and edited two books for Yoga Magazine, UK.

During the previous decade, I studied counselling, aromatherapy, Reiki, and other elements of complementary health whilst working as a consultant for travel-related, arts and educational organisations. Along the way, I used counselling and my knowledge of ‘alternatives’ in advising people on career moves and personal development.

In Australia and New Zealand, I spent over 15 years with the national broadcasters as a copywriter, producer and publicist. I covered everything from drama to comedy, concerts to documentaries, religion and aboriginal programmes; and held the BBC portfolio for eight years.

Highlights were David Goldie’s series on Nobody’s Children; Brideshead Revisited; and the extraordinary cultural output from the BBC during the eighties. I also contributed to a number of national magazines.

During the seventies, I subbed radio news bulletins for the NZPA. I also helped train copywriters and announcers in commercial production techniques.

At the same time, I wrote and produced radio and TV commercials for Radio New Zealand and several advertising agencies.

Presently, I am Acting Chairman for the Freelance Division, Chartered Institute of Journalists; organise journalists’ seminars; and belong to both the governing Council of the Institute and the Professional Practices Board (PPB).