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Yvonne Oots

Main Details

Full name Yvonne Oots
Country United States
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Editorial work News writing, Features writing
Media outlets regularly worked for

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    Last updated 16-02-2017 20:39


    Born sometime in the last century, Yvonne embodies typical Mountain beginnings – log cabin, midwife, and all. Mountain stories and their origins hold a deep fascination for her. After traveling the world, Yvonne finally chose to settle in Nashville, TN.
    Starting her writing career with Interstate 40 Country Music Magazine, Yvonne has been published not only in her own country but is also widely read in Scandinavia as well.
    Yvonne has met and worked with some of country music’s finest legends. In 1991 she was introduced to the one man who was to become her mentor within the Music Industry: Merle Kilgore. It was through Merle that she met Chuck Seals, Jim Ames, and Walter Bailes. Shortly before his death in November 2000, Walter selected Yvonne to write his biography.
    Yvonne has also worked in media relations and with several radio personalities within the country music arena.
    Keeping her promise to Merle Kilgore just prior to his death in 2005, to continue with her writing.
    Today Yvonne writes more than the average Biography, she has expanded her skills into writing about the history of the southern regions of America.