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Tara Lynne Groth

Main Details

Full name Tara Lynne Groth
Country United States
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Agro-journalism, agriculture, food, local food, sustainable agriculture, hiking, outdoors, outdoor recreation, arts, culture, canine, travel.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing, Picture editing, Photography, Radio
URL http://www.taralynnegroth.com
Media outlets regularly worked for

    PR writing Contact me for more information
    Last updated 01-09-2017 16:10


    Tara Lynne Groth is a full-time freelance writer. As an SEO writer in Raleigh with 10 years of marketing experience, a journalist, and creative writer, she crafts stories on multiple platforms for diverse audiences. In 2009 she started moonlighting as a freelance writer. She resigned from 9-to-5 life as a marketing manager a year later, leaving behind six years in the real estate industry.

    As a journalist, Tara Lynne is a deadline-driven writer and has over a decade of experience writing for newspapers and magazines. Her magazine articles appear in dozens of markets, including AirTran Airways’ GO Magazine, Blue Ridge Outdoors and Draft. Her features usually develop from extraordinary people, places, or experiences she discovers, like an artist who creates art for the blind, dog GPS systems, and kayaking at night. She uses her editor and media contacts to help clients and authors secure guest spots on radio shows, be featured as experts in articles, and secure speaking engagements.

    Tara Lynne stays a step ahead on every project she works on. She left high school a year early to study advertising and career writing at Johnson & Wales University. She received her bachelor’s degree from Stony Brook University when she was 19.

    Tara Lynne is the author of three poetry books and the first (and only) guidebook to the Bonnaroo Music Festival. She has written over 1,600 blogs, more than 150 articles, and she has never missed a deadline.