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Karl Hodge

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Full name Karl Hodge
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

CURRENT: Virtual reality, social media, technology lifestyle, creative software, first person video games, technology and culture, tech news and analysis. Also - life hacking, music reviews and features. PAST: Technology journalism, advanced Web authoring (tutorials), creative software (reviews), consumer writing, lifestyle, Internet software, creative media production (tutorials, reviews) news and analysis. Particularly interested in: * Digital creativity * Gadgets * Futurology * Social media * Creativity software (video, music and image production) * Open source software * Online culture and history * Contemporary IT and online issues * Multimedia journalism * VR

Editorial work Features writing
URL http://www.spodgod.com
Media outlets regularly worked for

PR writing Contact me for more information
Last updated 01-10-2017 17:14


A veteran and respected consumer technology journalist, I've written features on usability, accessibility, information architecture, layout, design for broadband, CGI scripts, content management, media optimisation, navigation, multimedia authoring, prototyping, content, hosting, hardware tweaking, computer hacking, piracy, browser features, online dating, web celebrities, gambling and just about any other aspect of the Internet and its culture you can think of.

I've produced tutorials on digital production tools like Photoshop, Wordpress, Audacity and many more. I also wrote a monthly 'Watchdog' style consumer issues column for two publications (.net and Windows Magazine) for several years.

I now specialise in FEATURE WRITING about virtual reality, first and third person video games, technology and culture.

Some clients include:

Computer Arts
.net Magazine
PC Format
PC Plus
The Guardian
Three Mobile