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David Nicholson

Main Details

Full name David Nicholson
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

David Nicholson covers business, finance, IT, real estate, travel, sport, media and politics. He works for print newspapers, magazines and websites for traditional publishers and for corporate clients. Much of his work appears online and he is highly experienced in writing for websites, including search engine optimisation (SEO) content. David is an experienced radio and television broadcast journalist, who has contributed to the BBC World Service, BBC Radio Four, Channel Four, Bloomberg TV, Business Week TV and Press TV. David also runs, a team of professional freelance journalists who have written for a wide range of publications, websites and companies. Based in London, the team has a wealth of experience stretching back over 25 years: the team has experts in property, sport, business, technology, media, finance, politics and travel. For more details and examples of work visit

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing, Photography, Radio, Video
Media outlets regularly worked for

Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, Business Week, Ventures Africa, CEO Magazine and others.

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David Nicholson was born in the north of Scotland, of English parents. He lived in English towns from the age of five, moving ever southwards until he settled in North London.

He studied English literature at Trinity College, Cambridge University, then moved to London where he worked in film journalism before branching out into other areas. He now covers business, finance, IT, real estate, sport, travel, media and politics.

David likes to think of his career as a perpetual extension of his education: hardly any subject is off bounds and his criteria for taking on work is that it should be entertaining or informative and pay well. (It should preferably involve travel, fine dining and some kind of sport, but this is negotiable).