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J.R. Wilson

Main Details

Full name J.R. Wilson
Country United States
Primary language English
Specialist areas

aerospace, defense, computers, simulation, high tech, IT, e-commerce, medicine, gambling, pharmaceuticals

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing, Sub-editing
URL http://TheFreelancer.com
Media outlets regularly worked for

Military & Aerospace Electronics, Faircount Media Group (books)

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    With more than three decades of experience as a professional writer -- from newspapers and magazines to United Press International to books, video scripts and TV news -- there are very few subjects I have not covered at one time or another, in one medium or another.

    In that time, I have developed an international reputation for speed, accuracy, versatility and reliability. These are the assets I bring to any new assignment, from the latest in computer technology to cutting edge medicine to defense and aerospace to travel and entertainment.

    You can find my full resume at http://TheFreelancer.com, along with assorted writing samples and general information about what I do and the kind of assignments I'm interested in taking.

    A brief summary is offered below:

    Freelance Writer/Editor (1986-88/1992- )

    Western Bureau, Military & Aerospace Electronics
    (1993- )

    Managing editor/creative director for Today's Officer magazine (1992-93)

    North American Group Editor for Jane's Information Group (1988-92)

    Partner/president of California Sun Stoppers, a small San Diego manufacturing firm (1986-88)

    Public relations manager for Cubic Corporation (1983-86)

    External relations manager for McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Co. (1979-83)

    Reporter/bureau chief/regional staff editor for United Press International (1972-79)

    Newspaper reporter in Missouri and Oklahoma (1970-72)