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David Bradley

Main Details

Full name David Bradley
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Highly skilled science journalist covering all areas of science and technology for major outlets, websites, newspapers, and magazines for more than 25 years. Science, Technology, Medicine, Pharma, Chemical Sciences, Nanotech, Biotech, Physics, Physical Sciences.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Photography
Media outlets regularly worked for,,, Inderscience, Guardian, Telegraph, New Scientist, Science, numerous trade magazines and outlets. Author of the popular science book "Deceived Wisdom".

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    Feature and news writer specialising in science and technology - everything from astronomy to zoology by way of nanotechnology!

    Visit for more info. Available for news, features, web copy, promo literature and press releases etc. Adept with a digital SLR camera and a trained musician to boot.

    When you've been in the same business for a quarter of a century, your thoughts turn to the inevitable existentialist angst...where is my fast car, where is my private Caribbean island, where's my personal luxury yacht and crew to sail me there? My business started out as a hobby, I was a scientist by training, a chemist in fact, but didn't fancy working in a lab, writing about science gave me the information fix without the holey labcoat and acid burns.

    So, I took a job at the Royal Society of Chemistry back in January 1989 and alongside the editorial briefs I donned a moonlighter's cap and started contributing on a freelance basis to the likes of New Scientist, Science, Popular Science, American Scientist, The Guardian, etc, etc. As my portfolio grew and the hours of available moonlight became insufficient, I jumped into the freelance world full time and haven't looked back since, although I do also freelance for the RSC itself...

    I cannot think of any reputable popular science outlet or major journal to which I haven't contributed news, features, interviews and editorial context over the last 25 years. However, there's that journalism pays the bills, but it's not going to get me that private island, so I turned to two of my hobbies - photography and music. I've been snap happy since my early 20s and played music all my life (if you count rattles and toy guitars in infancy.

    Having got a few collaborative books under my belt that didn't take me to the island and a pop sci bestseller - Deceived Wisdom - that helped me paddle a few nautical miles out to sea and then back home, I thought maybe the photography might do the job, I've got a pretty good eye and a half-decent camera, but not found that art collector outlet just yet. As such, I've been working on my singing and songwriting and have pumped out a few tunes over the last year, the best of which are now available for download as an album - Dave Bradley's Wishful Thinking.

    My first iTunes credit arrived last's really just too embarrasing to mention what the royalties were, needless to say, I haven't yet got enough for half an oar for a rubby dinghy to get me that first nautical mile out to sea again. But, I live in hope. In the meantime, give my love to the waves...

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