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Gary Flood

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Full name Gary Flood
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

I'm an experienced hack who is interested in all things 'Smart,' but I cover a lot of both enterprise and health IT getting there. I also find myself doing more and more general business and IT copywriting, as well as regular editorial; I also really like the work I've done chairing conferences recently and would like to do more in that vein. A social media slant is also coming through; been doing a fair amount of client blogging, which I love. I am also starting to do some off-beat consultancy work for IT companies, have to see how far that interesting path takes me! Business and IT, enterprise software, social issues around technology. In the last six months I've written on a wide range of such topics, eg infrastructure, SOA, the CIO agenda. Also verticals like finance, e.g. branch renewal, police communications. I can usually turn my hand to whatever is needed (he boasts)...

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing
URL http://www.rocketshipwriting.biz
Media outlets regularly worked for

Editor of ThinkDigitalPartners.com, occasional writer for diginomica. Currently tend to write mostly about public sector and healthcare IT. Always interested in copywriting, PR (writing) and media training (presentation/interviewing) training.

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    Starting out as a computer professional - I worked at Logica's R&D arm 1986-89 - I am a technology and business journalist of over 20 years standing with experience at senior levels at Computing, Information Week and Computer Weekly. I have experience working in the US, too, as I was also Chief Reporter of Computer Business Review and Editor of Software Futures newsletter (all NYC based, 1994-1997) as well as West Coast Bureau Chief of Computergram International (1997-98). I was a full-time, successful freelance for the ten years 2001-2011 and for the past year have been on staff as the Editor of PublicTechnology.net, a site for users of ICT in the public sector; in summer 2012 I returned to working for myself, and am seeking opportunity wherever I can find it (or it finds me?)

    Over my career, I have written for a number of websites and magazines in the technology and business press, but I have also covered a lot of other areas, both within B2B as well as 'real world' issues, e.g. I was effectively part-time on the union UNISON editorial desk 2002-06; I've also written commercial copy on a wide range of issues, from business advice to SMEs to vitamins for a pharma client to the wonders of resin-based paving aggregate. Don't knock it!

    I've also delved into the 'science' of writing, communications and 'persuasion' through the formal academic study of the wonderful topic of Rhetoric; I've just completed an MA in the field (summer 2012).

    I also do media training, which I'm allegedly good at, and corporate writing (case studies, white papers, brochures, speeches etc).

    In sum: writer, communicator and editor for hire! Look forward to working with you.