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Julian Jackson

Main Details

Full name Julian Jackson
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

I am a professional writer. I have over 20 years of experience and have worked for major media organisations including BBC, NBC, Channel 4, Reader's Digest, Der Spiegel and many others. Over the last few years I have been investigating blockchain, bitcoin, alt-coins, cryptocurrencies. I think they are a significant technological advance. I am expert at writing business proposals and case studies. I have an outstanding record at winning contracts and funds for businesses and non-profits/community groups. If you need to win a contract or are about to submit to an RFP process then you may well benefit from my assistance in this mission-critical zone. I have also written web pages, newsletters, editorial articles and social media promotional material Photography, digital photography, digital video, publishing, internet, new media are also areas I have a high degree of knowledge. I have created numerous eBooks, for sale and free download and I am an expert in creating these useful list building promotional tools. I can write your press releases on a one-off basis and create content for websites and new media projects. I run specialist training courses in Picture Research - see my site www.picture-research-courses.co.uk for further information.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing, Picture editing, Photography, Video
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I am interested in technology, the environment, and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, blockchain and other new fintech developments. I am also interested in film and photography. I have published several eBooks including The Photobuyer's Handbook.

I have a strong interest in Environmental Matters, and write for high-traffic environmental sites and present the Green Jobs Blog http://blog.greenjobs.co.uk/ so I am interested in receiving press releases about developments in environmental issues, including areas like electric vehicles, alternative energy, low carbon building and other similar subjects

I also run training and seminars on photography, internet marketing and advanced internet research.

My portfolio website is: https://julianj.journoportfolio.com